We offer academic translations in the social sciences and humanities:

Academic articles for publication in scholarly journals and edited volumes

Lectures for conferences, workshops and seminars

Scholarly monographs and textbooks

Grant applications

Academic job applications

Module catalogues for BA/MA courses

Our Languages

German • English • French • Spanish • Italian

Our translators, editors and proofreaders hold PhDs in the social sciences and humanities and are thus completely familiar with the linguistic and formal requirements of academic texts. Working reliably, accurately and sensitively, they guarantee your texts a smooth transition into the target language.

Well-Polished Words

Stylistic editing and proofreading by native speakers

Perhaps you already write your lectures and articles in a foreign language, and would like to have them edited by a native speaker. We not only check your texts for spelling, grammar, syntax and punctuation. Our native-speaker editors and proofreaders take special pains to ensure a smoothly flowing, idiomatic text, corresponding to the norms of the target language.

Such editing and proofreading is carried out only by members of our team who hold a PhD in your subject area or a related field, and whose own scholarly activities have made them suitably aware of the relevant academic terminology. Many of our editors and proofreaders are actively involved in publishing and reviewing.

Our Areas of Expertise

Sociology • Political Science • Media Studies • Philosophy • Education • Urban Studies • Sustainability • Art History • History • Cultural Studies • Classical Studies • Anthropology • Ethnology • Film Studies • German Studies • Linguistics • Literary Studies • Musicology • Psychology • Theology • Latin American Studies

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